The “NUTEX” Ltd was founded on October 2, 2007; since 2008 the company commenced and inactivated its intensive business in the market, by that period it owned 50% of the raw materials market in Kakheti. The company is also busy with purchasing the raw materials in the west part of Georgia, in particular in Samegrelo, Imereti and Guria. 

The NUTEX Ltd is founded by the experienced group; the group is involved in this business since 1998 and has the great experience in the sphere of research and management of nut business.  

As it was mentioned above the group conducted the management of nut processing enterprises in different regions of Georgia; it provided with the consultation service to several companies as well as conducted nut market survey throughout Georgia.

The NUTEX Ltd is the first enterprise processing hazelnut in Kakheti; with this business the company gave the basis for rehabilitation of one more sector in the region.

Nut is one of the most strategic export cultures in Georgia; it is mainly intended for European market; in spite of the fact that Turkey takes the dominant position in the hazelnut market and price variety is controlled basically by Turkish entrepreneurs, hazelnut business in Georgia still retains large potential of raising and incomes development; comparatively low manufacturing expenses and closeness to the quality standards supports to Georgia to maintain its niche; climate conditions of Georgia are especially suitable for the hazelnut business; dry climate of Kakheti is especially beneficial for drying process and high standards gaining. More and more farmers are becoming interested in planting of new improved plantations in Kakheti thanks to increase of export potential scopes of hazelnut.

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